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Why x 2 is a paperback book by Thomas Vaillancourt that discusses existential questions, the “why” questions that people ask about the significance of life. It approaches these questions from two different perspectives, that of science and that of religion, specifically Christianity. Thus “x 2”. Many good people have become alienated from the church. This often occurs because some churches have assumed an adversarial relationship with science. The point of view of this book is that science and reason are completely compatible with true Christianity, and that one’s spiritual journey or understanding of Christianity need not be abandoned because of bad experiences with an institutional church or its theology. Science and good Christian theology can be complementary and assume a symbiotic relationship, as they answer very different kinds of questions. Science and religion are both necessary in order to understand the world around us and to integrate the human heart and mind. Searching for true meaning in one’s life and the answers to burning existential questions is a worthy and necessary endeavor and one in which the various Christian denominations should be deeply involved. Those churches that are serious about renewal need to strongly consider re-examining their relationship with the best that science has to offer. And those people who identify primarily with the scientific viewpoint might find it healing and deepening to approach theological and spiritual matters with the earnestness and seriousness that is their due. While not the focus of the book, the author does advocate for the need of a second Reformation within Christianity and provides a vision for what that might look like.

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How is this book different?

There are almost no books on the market today that contain a serious discussion about both science and Christian theology. There are many books relating to either general topic, but not both within the same cover.

     This book is also different in that its discussion of science, especially physics, is put in laymen’s terms to facilitate ease of assimilation. It is user friendly to those without any scientific background. It will provide many readers for the first time with access to some very exciting concepts about time, space, and the origins of the universe.

    The book also challenges some basic assumptions regarding Christian theology. One might easily assume that only good things can come out of studying the Bible and Christian theology. Generally speaking this is probably true. It is well known that the study of Christianity can transform the hearts of seekers in very positive ways, which can lead to an increase in the greater good. But by looking at the study of theology and the history of Christianity from a more historical perspective, one can see its potential to cause human conflict and even wars on a very large scale.

     The book also illustrates the uniqueness of Christianity’s ability to satisfactorily answer some of life’s most difficult existential questions, and explores certain advantages it has over science in answering these types of questions.

To Whom Might This Book Appeal?

Anyone who is looking for answers to the “why” questions of human existence in the areas of science and religion should enjoy this book. Why x 2 will hopefully have a special appeal to those who have been alienated from traditional institutional Christianity. True Christianity and the version of Christianity served up by the institutional churches can be very different. Sometimes the profound truths available from an unadulterated view of religion are never found because of the alienation some people feel toward institutional religion. By bypassing some common obstacles relating to church dogma, one can view the amazing truths and insights contained in the essence of Christianity. Combining those truths with a basic understanding of science’s most important discoveries will allow the seeker of truth to possess a more integrated view of natural and supernatural realities.

      This book will also appeal to the very large group of people who fear reading about scientific topics, especially physics. By using laymen’s terms and an abundant use of easily comprehended analogies and metaphors, these fears can be transcended and replaced with excitement and wonder.

     Some believe Dan Brown’s books, The Da Vinci Code and his Angels and Demons, have been so successful because they stimulate the reader’s thinking on subjects of ultimate significance. Dan Brown is not just an excellent storyteller. The content and ideas within his novels strongly resonate with his readers. Some of those subjects include the historical basis of some of our cherished religious beliefs and the interplay between science and religion. This may be indicative of a more sophisticated and inquiring palette on the part of today’s readers. Many would agree that most inquiring minds would like to avoid experiencing cognitive dissonance between their understanding of the real or natural world and their religious belief system. Why x 2, tries to eliminate that cognitive dissonance.